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Thread: I come to this forum to disseminate knowledge and gain friends.

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    Default I come to this forum to disseminate knowledge and gain friends.


    I joined this forum in order to promote myself, talk about the theory of the martial arts, and make some online friends. I used to like the judoforum and i learned a lot there. I trained traditional stuff like wrestling, tai chi, and karate before learning grappling of all kinds. And now I know that you can't outdo the traditional stuff. The Chinese and Japanese martial arts work and there is no shortcut to mastery.

    In 2012, I began an internship with Luke Cummo a UFC veteran and learned somethings about nutrition and martial arts. I also started learning graphic design at an online university. I learned a lot in 3 years. And by 2015, I was a graduate. I like discussing concepts and learning things. You only grow by testing yourself against others.

    I live in hicksville, new york and I teach aikido lessons. I am classically trained. I consider Aikido a religion and a lifestyle not a martial art. One instructor years ago said, 'every aikido black belt is knows the classical strikes of karate and does matwork randori to make his body hard.'

    So I learned the martial arts young but didn't understand.

    In addition to aikido, i like cartooning and nutrition. My lifestyle is my religion and I would like to meet friends and clients here. Thanks.

    Lior Avni

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    Welcome to E-Budo, Lior. It has been quiet here since social media usurped the crowd that use to discuss Japanese budo here and on other old sites, but we still are active and welcome discussions. And, our forums are a great archive of important information.

    We hope you'll take some time to skim old conversations and see what things of value you can glean from them, and we look forward to discussions with you.

    Also, I agree with what you said about the necessity of randori (I would add, "robust" randori). It is necessary in all martial arts to keep them functional and "real."

    Cady Goldfield

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