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Thread: The Real (verifiable) History of Shorinji Kempo

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    Default The Real (verifiable) History of Shorinji Kempo

    Hi All,

    edit: Apologies, just realised the subject lines reads as if I have the info, but I'm seeking the info, as below


    I'm wonder, today where there is a lot more information out and a lot information can be confirmed, proven/disproven,
    I'm just wondering if there is any clear confirmed history for Doshin So's training background?

    This is more for historical interest and not for/against legitimacy etc ....
    Just I'm interest in the real origins of this unique Art that is Shorinji Kempo,
    as personally I don't hold much belief in the whole trained at and became a grandmaster of Chinese MA at Shaolin Temple etc .....

    The other line research is that Shorinji Kempo's true origins like in Daito-Ryu jujutsu and Hakkyo-Ryu jujutsu

    So I'm wondering if there is any thing along the lines of "commenced martial arts training at age ___ with [name](verifiable person), inthe Art of ___ , for X years, then between age xx and xx he studied with [name](verifiable person) in ____ system. from age xx to xx studied ____ and received a teaching license in ____ from/by ____"

    I haven't looked at this kind of thing in a long time ... but I think there was confirmed records of Doshin So studying Hakko Ryu to a main degree?

    I'd also be interested regarding he formal/if any Zen training and qualifications ....

    Again this isn't against any thing and even IF some of the history is inaccurate or fabricated ... Master Doshin So surely created a wonderful Martial Art from a wonder motivation .. "the person ...."

    Many Thanks

    Ps. maybe there is already these days cleared authenticated History out there already, in which case please point me there~ thanks.

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    I sent a note off to someone who may be able to answer your questions for you. Hopefully, he'll be able to stop by.
    Cady Goldfield

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    Stanley Pranin interviewed Ryuho Okayama, Hakko Ryu's Nidai Soke in 2003. It's a short interview with only a paragraph on Doshin So's involvement in Hakko Ryu, but is probably as close as you'll get to a primary source.
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