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Thread: How old is "too old" to start Iaido?

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    Default How old is "too old" to start Iaido?

    Hi, just started taking lessons. I'm 62 this month, and my sensei is fine with me not being able to do seiza. No, not lack of willpower, willingness to overcome pain, blah blah blah- knee is a replacement courtesy of military service and it does NOT bend that far, period, end of story. Is this going to be a barrier to making progress? Arms and wrists are still fine and many years of bladesmithing have helped here.

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    There is no reason not to train, and lots of good reasons -to- train -- improved fitness and flexibility, energy, mental exercise/learning something new... sure beats being sedentary or playing shuffleboard.

    Focus on tachiai (standing) techniques and don't worry about idori waza. It's more important to learn good cutting technique, footwork, kamae, and mental focus. There are inspiring tales of people who had various disabilities, such as having one leg shorter than the other, or missing limb, and it didn't stop them from excelling in their chosen pursuit; they just found ways to work around it. Go for it and enjoy the journey!
    Cady Goldfield

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    Hi Al, We are close to the same age and my knees will not do seiza either. On my really bad days I
    cannot put 100% of my weight on one leg. This is a problem for my Taiji practice. I do however have a lot more good days than bad. No seiza however even on the best days. This is my formula. If I can grow and learn, if my teacher is OK with what I am doing and if I am enjoying practice then all is good. I can live with never having a good spinning back side piercing kick. Do as much as you can as well as you can. Always strive to do more but accept what you simply cannot do. Respectfully, Len McCoy

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