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Thread: The Origins Of Techniques

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    TIM BURTON Guest


    I would be very interested to hear about the origins of any techniques.
    I have been taught kote mawashi – nikyo in various forms. One such technique utilises the handle of a katana if your wrist is grabbed whilst trying to unsheathe it. Is that its original purpose?
    What are the origins of tenkai kote gaeshi – shiho nage? Or any other technique you wish to discuss.
    Also what about armour, are there any particular techniques that are for combating an armoured foe or techniques that should be performed whilst wearing armour?
    You do not have to limit your replies to the examples I have used, I am interested in all techniques.

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    dainippon99 Guest


    as far as shihonage goes, its directly applicable to the sword. shiho giri, or 4 directions cutting, is displayed in one of Saito sensei's books. I dont know where shiho giri directly comes from, so i cant fully answer the question yet.

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    I believe Shihonage/shiho giri would be from Ono ha Itto ryu swordsmanship. Does anyone here have a base of knowledge in that system?

    Ron Tisdale

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