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Thread: Daito-ryu Succession Controversy sub-forum - PLEASE READ

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    Exclamation Daito-ryu Succession Controversy sub-forum - PLEASE READ


    This sub-forum has been created to consolidate and archive the significant amount of information regarding the relationship between the now-defunct Seishinkai and the other Daito-ryu branches (in particular, the Shinbukan, currently headed by Kondo Katsuyuki, Menkyo Kaiden) - both generated on this forum as well as that gathered from various outside sources:


    Seishinkai/ Daitokai

    Sixty-six students from Kitami, Abashiri, and Kiyosato, left the Daitokan in December of 1991 and formed an organization called the "Nihon Daito-ryu Aikibudo Seishinkai", with Sano Matsuo (the most senior member) as the Soshi. Kondo Katsuyuki and several other members remained under Takeda Tokimune and his appointed acting Soke and younger daughter Yokoyama Nobuko. The Seishinkai was formally dissolved in July of 2001 due to in-fighting, and the senior members continued teaching by forming their own organizations:

    Sano Matsuo, formed his own organization called the "Nihon Daito-ryu Aikibudo Sohonbu Shiseikan" in 2001, based in Kitami and Bihoro, and following Takeda Masanobu (non-practicing husband of Tokimune's eldest daughter, Oshima Kyoko) as their Soke.

    Kato Shigemitsu & Arisawa Gunpachi at some point joined up again with Sano Matsuo, and formed the "Nihon Daito-ryu Aikibudo Daitokai" based in Abashiri with Sano as their Soshi, and following Takeda Hitoshi (son of Tokimune's eldest daughter, Oshima Kyoko) as their Soke-dai. Mr. Sano is now retired, and Arisawa Gunpachi has passed away. Kato Shigemitsu is the current Soshi.

    Okabayashi Ryoichi (Shogen) formed Hakuho-ryu in 2002.

    Two basic issues arose when former students of the Daito-ryu Daitokan Dojo (under the late Takeda Tokimune) posted an internet home page titled "Daito ryu Aikijujutsu Honbu Dojo", under the URL This claim by the Daitokai that they were the Main Headquarters for Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu on their web page sparked an open letter of strong objection from Mr. Stanley Pranin, editor of "Aiki News" & "Aikido Journal".

    Shortly after attention was publicly drawn to their claim, various posts were submitted to the bulletin board system, hosted on their web page. Heated discussions were had regarding their public use of the title "honbu dojo" in reference to Daito ryu, as well as matters of succession and other related topics.

    The discussions on the forum began in June of 2000, and ended in January of 2001 when the Daitokai closed their BBS down and effectively removed access to the discussions that took place there (during the discussions, just under 200 posts were exchanged covering these topics specifically). Fortunately, I had backed up much of the core exchange for future reference, and recently recovered the rest through archived search engine cache.

    Additionally, during these discussions a statement on the issues was requested of Kondo Katsuyuki, Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu Menkyo Kaiden. Most of his extensive response was translated and posted on the Aikido Journal BBS, and has been archived here as well under the thread name Statement by Kondo Katsuyuki.

    Intended Use

    In this sub-forum, I intend to:

    1) Provide a permanent archive of the core discussions/correspondences between interested parties and the members of the Daitokai organization that occurred on the now-extinct BBS at

    2) Copy Kondo Katsuyuki's statement here for ease of cross-referencing statements and material.

    3) Organize and discuss information contained here, and introduce new material should it become available to the public.

    4) Post updates and announcements regarding succession issues as it relates to the Seishinkai and/or Daitokan members formally under Takeda Tokimune.

    Names, Links & Navigation Structure

    STRUCTURE - Archival threads will contain topic names starting with "ARCHIVE:", and will be marked with a light bulb icon. These threads will be closed to postings, so that navigation of these resources will not be slowed down by excessive postings. Members wishing to discuss the contents of the archived resource material are welcome to cut and paste relevant material into a new or existing discussion thread.

    LINKS - Originally I was providing direct links to relevant material on the Aikido Journal discussion forum. However, the link structure has changed there several times in the last few years, and this has made providing direct links impossible to maintain. As such, links to the main AJ page are substituted, and readers are encouraged to cut-and-paste the thread names into the AJ search engine to find the original posts. However, I will try to maintain current links to the related threads within this forum (since they have not changed in years).

    NAMES - To facilitate ease of reading, and to provide a more objective feeling environment, I have omitted honorary titles (such as "Sensei") when referring to the various persons and instructors involved. This is not intended to be disrespectful in any way.

    Stanley Pranin/ Aikido Journal

    I'd like to publicly thank Stan Pranin for allowing me to re-post relevant discussions in this forum. It has never been my intention to compete with his forums, but rather, to organize and archive the information in a manner that is easier for interested parties access. Readers are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with Aikido Journal and the related publications, as AJ remains a valuable source for reliable information on Aikido and Daito-ryu in any language.


    As always, I hope to keep the contributions objective and tempered, and encourage others to post with the same consideration towards all involved. Keep in mind that the principal members of the Daitokai in question were very long time senior students of the Daitokan under Takeda Tokimune, regardless of their choices of political affiliation and actions.

    I hope this sub-forum will prove useful for those wishing to better understand the succession issues of Daito-ryu Aikibudo and Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu lines.

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    - Zeami Motokiyo, 1418 (Fūshikaden)

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