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Thread: The Deity and the Sword

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    Jim Hadden Guest


    Does anyone have any info on the three volume set "The Deity and the Sword" by Risuke Otake? Is it worth the 120.00 for the set?

    Jim Hadden

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    I bought mine in Japan for 7 or 8000 yen. They are mostly filled with pictures of kata which will be of great you for somebody DOING TSKSR, but if you are not doing it you are basically paying for the info in the first 10 pages of the book. Also, those first pages are in Japanese with English translations below them, which means you are paying for 5 pages of text for each book. There is some great info in them, but if you are not a TSKSR person, maybe try to borrow them off a friend or get photocopies.



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    Peter Adams Guest

    Thumbs up only 120 ?

    The series is out of print now, so if you can get 3 volumes for 120 do it. A set sold on e-bay ( hardback- a1 condition ) for well over 200 $us.

    I just managed to track down volume 1 to complete mine - second hand pb - cost 55$ AUS.

    The books have little by way of instruction, and are mostly complete photo sequences of various kata.

    Ive seen a few individuals selling Video of the same material, one is a 'holder' of a teaching license.

    Youd need someone to explain it/or a video to get a full appreciation of the material. - i know I did.

    Youd need a teacher to learn it. - im trying to find one without moving to Japan

    their are a number of teachers outside japan now, but a shift in politics has left them outside the honbu.


    PS. IF you dont want em, please let me know who I buy them off. Cheers.


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