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Thread: Toyoda Fumio (Aikido)

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    Default Fumio Toyoda Sensei Passes Away

    I'm sorry to announce to this forum that Fumio Toyoda Sensei has passed away.

    Toyoda Sensei was the founder of the Aikido Association of America and was above all else concerned with the quality of aikido instruction.

    Another of the old guard has left us. We should take every opportunity to train with those that remain.

    My condolences to the friends and family of Toyoda Sensei and all the members of the AAA.

    Greg Jennings

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    Ilgenfritz Guest


    Thank you for delivering the sad news.

    Does anyone have more information concerning Toyoda Sensei? I was unaware he had fallen ill, it looked like he was still keeping a tight seminar schedule.

    Charles Ilgenfritz

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    Walter Kopitov Guest


    Fumio Toyoda Sensei Passes Away

    General Aikido News
    General News: Fumio Toyoda Sensei Passes Away
    Posted 7/04/2001 9:06pm [from Jun Akiyama]
    I just got word that Fumio Toyoda sensei of Aikido Association of America passed away early this morning, July 4th, 2001. The announcement I received from AAA says, in part, "As you know, our teacher Toyoda Shihan, took ill in Greece and upon his return was hospitalized here in Chicago. Sensei's health had been improving, but on the evening of July 2nd he experienced a setback from the bacterial infection he was fighting. Despite every effort by the doctors, Sensei grew weaker. Early this morning, July 4th, he was taken off life support and made comfortable, per the Toyoda family's wishes. Sensei left us at 2:30am." I had the opportunity to train with Toyoda sensei back in 1998 and had a good time at his seminar. My condolences go out to his family, friends, and loved ones. Update 7/4: The funeral will take place on Saturday, July 7th at Lakeview Chapel Funeral Home at 1458 W Belmont Avenue in Chicago. Phone number is (773) 472-6300. Visitation is from 3-6pm and service is from 6-7pm. In lieu of flowers, the family requests "Koden"-the Buddhist tradition of bringing a monetary gift to help offset funeral costs or in memory of Toyoda Sensei. These donations may be made to either the Toyoda Family or to AIF.

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    Toyoda Sensei will be missed. I too would like to offer my hear felt condolences to his family and friends. I have fond memories of the seminar, which I attended, out here with Toyoda Sensei and Kobayashi Sensei. Toyoda Sensei made a lasting impression on my attitudes towards Aikido.


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