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Thread: cheap kimono

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    Nick Guest

    Default cheap kimono

    Hey all... I need a cheap, black (or otherwise dark colored) kimono for a costume... I mean like $15-30 cheap... can anyone help?


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    Don Cunningham Guest


    I've got a couple of inexpensive antique kimono in the black style for men with the mons and everything which would cost about $50 or so. What size do you need, since these are a bit on the small size?

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    Ummmm Nick...

    Why is this in bad budo???

    Are black kimonos bad budo... or just cheap black kimonos??
    Steve Williams

    Harrow Branch.
    Shorinji Kempo UK.

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    Nick Guest


    aww geeez... I thought this had gone in the "Clothing and Supplies" Section... I need some sleep... sorry all...

    can one of the moderators move it for me?

    Going to get much needed sleep...


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