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Thread: Goju Ryu / Aikido Connection

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    That is what they say.
    Ed Boyd

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    Default Goju Ryu and Aikido

    Quote Originally Posted by Yamantaka View Post
    Hello, all!

    Recently, I found this question in another list :

    "Subject: Takeda connection to Goju Ryu?
    >An Aikido instructor, who also teaches Goju Ryu, said in class once that
    >just about every technique in Aikido can be found in Goju Ryu kata.
    >I was just read an entry on a web site that said Sokaku Takeda, Sensei to
    >Aikido founder Ueshiba, traveled to Okinawa in the 1870's to study Okinawa
    >Te. It does not say who he studied with.
    >I would like to know if anyone knows of any connection between Kanryo
    >Higaonna and Takeda, or has any other information on the Aikido/Goju

    Does anyone knows anything about that?
    I do know about it, and I studied both. I have studied the arts since 8 forty years. They do compliment each other very much. I started in Southern Shaolin and went to Traditional Okinawan Goju, I studied Aikido under Sensei Mehter and I studied Aikijujistu. From my experience, the body has four limbs which can move in certain directions which unifies each art easily.
    If you study any art and you can master learning your own body it’s movements learning a second art would be easier to understand as long as you can make each movement applicable. Goju is Hard/Soft hard movements are more linear and direct, soft are more circular. Focusing on the soft will open the door for Aikido, whereas blending with your opponent force is the ju of the art. Notice how mawashi Ike is circular it teaches you to move to the opponents shikaku the blind spot. Aikido uses empty hand sword techniques. In Goju we call shuto or knife hand strikes, perfect your knife hand techniques and you can blend both arts easier.
    I love Goju because it does simplify every movement of the body in a attacking and defending formation with less complicated forms or patterns. Goju kata are simple and extremely brutal.
    Steven Seagal combines both in his movies. Striking the opponents blind spots rapidly using the Ju and attacking with the Go. Hope this helps
    Don-Miguel Cummings 先生

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