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The origins of Kuji-In are Hindu, then Chinese buddhism. If you speak Japanese, but don't have faith, THEN you're in trouble. We use the term Kuji-In because it is the most popular way of describing the technique, instead of the english "Nine Hand Seals" or sanskrit "Navamudrani". In the same way, there are a lot of great holistic healers that use the art of Rei-Ki, and don't have a clue of japanese language. Terminologies are used so that we can understand each other.

The key component to kuji-in is your attitude of self-development. If the technique is a quick guide to personal power, then you have some work to do. If it is a tool of personal growth, then you got it. Call it how you want, but do it right.
but if you have to learn the Kuji in, you have to know a Japanese Soke who may want to teach you. There are a few but they are known fromthe people that live out there to think of them as the loonies that have no idea and secretly laught at them behind their backs when leaving.

you want to sell me a book on Kuji. No thanks. I will do Kuji in my training anyway along with the kamae. Why do all the finger Kuji when I can do Kuji that looks like kamae.