We'll make October 16, 2001 our first E-budo go night. I'll be on starting around 6:30 pm Mountain Standard Time for a few hours. I'm not sure what that time would be in everyone's time zone around the world.

Let's start with the KGS go server. It is a Java based server and should be easy enough to access for everyone. At times, I have difficulty by getting disconnected (I play out of my web browser), so be patient if you don't see me there. I'll set up an E-budo room. So, just go to that room and we can all chat and play go. If someone gets there before me, then go ahead and set up the e-budo room. I'm "burp" on KGS.

KGS go server is accessed here -

Check out the FAQs and help files, if this is your first time there.

Should anyone have any problems, I'll be checking with the Go forum periodically to hopefully answer any questions.