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Thread: Aikijujutsu in Southern California?

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    Default Thanks


    Thanks for the link and the reply.

    James Wilson

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    Default Yanagi Ryu in SoCal

    I'll be in port hueneme on business until the end of April. I'm looking for a place to train in Yanagi Ryu (or any Yoshida family derived art) in the Santa Barbara/Los Angeles/ Ventura area. Anyone who can help please email me at Thank you very much.
    Ryan J Pearson

    "why don't you go spam on the koryu boards, they have a great sense of humor..."

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    Check out

    Elias Sensei and Lovato Sensei both post on this board.
    Glenn Marquay

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    Default Tsuki Kage Dojo Update

    Hi all,

    The following is only remotely related to this thread, but it still seemed like the most appropriate place to drop this announcement.

    My dojo (Tsuki Kage Dojo) has been in a state of political "flux" since roughly March of 2005. Since then, the dojo has more or less dropped off the map pending a conclusion to some pressing issues. In November of 2008, these issues finally came to an abrupt resolution, allowing us to continue forward again in a clear direction. As such, I've updated our main page and major supporting pages to reflect the arts we currently teach and new structure (for those interested or simply morbidly curious):

    Among other things, most of the contact info that was previously posted on the web page now redirects to someone else (for those of you who like to cheat when calling or sending emails!). The layout and design of the pages still in need of being overhauled at some point, but the information is pretty solid.

    All the changes made with the dojo were for the best, and from a functional standpoint, cause very little change in the way the dojo was already operating - outside of course being "uncloaked" now.

    Nathan Scott

    "Put strength into your practice, and avoid conceit. It is easy enough to understand a strategy and guard against it after the matter has already been settled, but the reason an opponent becomes defeated is because they didn't learn of it ahead of time. This is the nature of secret matters. That which is kept hidden is what we call the Flower."

    - Zeami Motokiyo, 1418 (Fūshikaden)

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