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  1. The appropriate japanese translation for "principle"


    What is the appropriate Japanese translation for the term "principle"?

    In judo, for example, there are the "jita kyoei", "seiryoku zen'yo" (etc.) principles, but I found several...
  2. @P. Goldsbury: Thank you for the answer!...

    @P. Goldsbury: Thank you for the answer! Certainly I will contact him.

    @mkrueger: WOW!!! Thank you for searching! I believe you "unraveled the riddle" with the last definition. At least it seems...
  3. What's the meaning of "ryomi"? (Dave Lowry literature)

    Hello everyone!

    I really need help to understanding a concept that I found in the book "Traditions: Essays on the Japanese Martial Arts and Ways", by Dave Lowry,

    It's about the concept of...
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