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    Tsuba maker event in Spain

    Dear tsuba, kinkō and tōsōgu lovers, I have a important new for all of you.
    For the first time, a Japanese kinkō/ tsubakō will visit Europe for offering conference, exhibition and demonstration of...
  2. Podcast NihontŰ, tsuba & tŰsŰgu /koshirae, koryŻ and others Japanese arts.

    Dear all,

    We started a podcast about nihontŰ, tsuba, other parts of the tŰsŰgu-kodŰgu, and also other parts of the koshirae like saya, tsukamaki... Also in the second part of the program we're...
  3. March 2020. Gasshuku in Madrid (Spain) with 21st representative MusŰ Jikiden Eishin

    Once again, Sekiguchi Komei sensei, 21 representative of the lineage of MusŰ Jikiden Eishin ryŻ iaijutsu in the Nihon KobudŰ KyŰkai - Nippon BudŰkan, will come to Spain to teach a seminar. On this...
  4. In Portland you've the dojo of Nakano Sonoko,...

    In Portland you've the dojo of Nakano Sonoko, shibuchŰ of MusŰ Jikiden Eishin ryŻ iaijutsu.
    The line they practice is the Yamauchi-ha Komei Jyuku so they focus on the kenjutsu as well iaijutsu from...
  5. Bujutsu schools enbu in Barcelona. 28/10/2017

    This year in October 28th in Spain we will have a small koryŻ bujutsu convention with many of the koryŻ schools as well other non-koryŻ ryŻha by the hands of their official shibuchŰ recognized by the...
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    Jikishinkage Gasshuku in Hungary

    Jikishinkage Gasshuku.
    2-4 March 2017.
    Pťcs, Hungary.

    In this Gasshuku will be taught Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage ryŻ kenjutsu as well as RyŰen ryŻ naginatajutsu.

    Remembering that the RyŰen...
  7. Well.. 10 years passed since the last post, so...

    Well.. 10 years passed since the last post, so maybe this answer will be useless... but If anyone has questions about the RyŻha, every question is welcome.
    A Little bit of story of RyŰen ryŻ...
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    Well, a most common mistake about Komei JyŻku...

    Well, a most common mistake about Komei JyŻku iaijutsu(MJER - Yamauchi-ha TŰkyŰ) is thinking that Sekiguchi sensei started the usingof long, heavy and wide blades.
    First we must think that MJER...
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    Hello from Spain

    Hello everyone.
    I readed this fůrum for years, but never wrote on it, so I will introduce myself, nice to meet you all.

    Marcos Sala (Sekiguchi KenryŻ - RyŰen RyŻko) Started budŰ training with...
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